Date Archives: 2014

A Better Mobile Experience

Forvo is a project born in the age of desktop computers so we have always lacked of a true mobile navigation. Furthermore, some features, as the recorder, are not really useful in the mobile environment due to background noise, abuses, etc. so we...

November 20, 2014

2.5 million pronunciations

If you want to hear them all you will need more than two months but I'm sure you have better plans for the next ones. Happy summer for everyone! :) 2,500,000

June 22, 2014

Better search results

Along with improvements in search results for both words and pronunciations we have added more ways to find the words you want. First, maybe one of them most requested features: search for translations . When you search for a simple word like...

February 8, 2014

Forvo founders in the 100 of the year by El Paí­s

We are very honored and proud to be included in the ' 100 protagonistas iberoamericanos de 2013 ' a selection of men and women who have been relevant the past year, according to Spanish newspaper 'El Paí­s'. Article:...

January 4, 2014