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Meeting Forvo Editors: Zababa

Zababa , czech editor. Q: A little bit about you. A: My name is Sven and I come from Liberec, Czech Republic. I currently live in Germany where I studied linguistics and now work on the moribund N|uu language. I speak Czech (my mother...

January 22, 2010

Top pronunciations in Spanish

1. mierda 2. Paella 3. Che Guevara 4. Te quiero 5. gracias 6. Hola 7. Te amo 8. Ibiza 9. Oaxaca 10. México

January 5, 2010

Language icon

Reading the most popular posts of 2009 from the interesting blog Global by design , I've found one article about the need for a standard language change / choose icon. Many icons have become quite standard in the web world: rss icon ,...

January 1, 2010